Die G4c in Dublin: Wednes­day's trip

Die G4c vor den «cliffs of Moher»

On our third day in Dublin, on Wednesday, we took a daylong trip to explore further locations of Ireland, more precisely Galway and the nearby cliffs of Moher. We travelled in a private bus which had picked us up at 7 o'clock. On the almost 4 hours long journey to the cliffs of Moher, the bus driver called Rocky told us a lot about the Irish culture and history, such as the great famine and the independence of Ireland. He also told us a bit about the Irish landscapes and showed us some ruins of old castles.

After 4 hours we finally arrived at the cliffs and it was an amazing sight! Even though that it was cold, and it was raining a tiny bit we still had great weather for Irish conditions and later the sun even showed itself. There we spent about 1 hour just walking around, taking pictures and just enjoying the view. At about 1pm we moved on and on our way to Galway we ate lunch in a classic irish pub. After that, we made our way to Galway, where we got to go shopping and sightseeing on our own. After approximately 2 hours we got back to our bus and drove back to Dublin. On the way, Rocky told us more about the nature of Ireland and we made 2 stops to get a feel of the landscapes of Ireland.