Fremd­sprachen­aufent­halt (FSA) 2016

Die Schülerinnen und Schüler haben vieles erlebt, neue Erfahrungen gemacht und haben alle zahlreiche Erlebnisse zu berichten. Stellvertretend für ihren Jahrgang berichten Annina Hardegger (G6b) von ihrer Gastfamilie im Tessin, Laura Marti (G6d) von der Sprachschule in Lausanne, Simone Hämmerli (G6d) von ihrem Einsatz in einem Kindergarten in Costa Rica, Helena Schmid (G6d) von Ihrem Job in einem Hotel in Australien und Xenia Bojarski (G6d) von ihrem Aufenthalt im ländlichen Irland in der jeweiligen Zielsprache. Die Berichte sind, in voller Länge, über die Links auf der rechten Seite zu finden.

Annina Hardegger (G6b) erlebte das Landleben in einem abgelegenen Tessiner Dorf

Ho fatto il mio soggiorno linguistico nel Ticino a Cavagnago. Ho avuto la fortuna di stare in una famiglia simpaticissima che mi ha fatto vedere come si vive in un’agricultura. Ci ho lavorato per tre settimane. Potevo aiutare nell’ambito agrituristico, facevo dei lavori nel giardino, ma potevo anche fare fieno e lavorare nella fattoria.
Ogni mattina preparavamo la colazione per gli ospiti e dopo facevamo gli appartamenti. Per me era interessante d’accogliere la gente che arrivava a stare una notte a Cavagno. Era gente di tutto il mondo che stava spesso andando in direzione dell’Italia perché Cavagnago si trova vicino alla strada alta.
Di solito il pomeriggio andavo a fare fieno con gli uomini o facevo lavori nel giardino. Una volta ci voleva condurre le mucche sull’alpe là dove c’è l’erba più grassa. I Bertazzi hanno anche degli asini che stanno fuori tutto il giorno. Un’asina era incinta e stava nella stalla. Per fortuna ho visto com’è nato il piccolo asinello. Sfortunatamente la madre era ferita, per questo non riusciva a stare in piedi. C’era bisogno di aiutarla ad alzarsi con un trattore. Mi ricordo ancora benissimo di quest’avventura impressionante. Mi hanno anche fatto vedere come si fanno delle specialità del Ticino come per esempio la torta di pane. È una torta fatta con pane vecchio, frutti canditi, mandorle, uova, latte e zucchero. È semplice da fare ma buonissima!
Il FSA è stata un’esperienza preziosa e mi pare che ho anche migliorato le mie conoscenze linguistiche.

Laura Marti (G6d) verbesserte ihr Französisch in einer Sprachschule in Lausanne

J’ai fait un séjour linguistique à Lausanne pendant trois semaines. C’était une très bonne experience, parce que pour moi c’était la première fois de voyager toute seule.
Ma mère d’accueil était très ouverte et gentille dès le premier moment. Chaque matin elle m’a fait un petit-déjeuner délicieux et elle m’a laissé faire tout ce que je voulais. Elle a une chienne très aimable et je pouvais la promener partout.
L’école que j’ai visité pendant ces trois semaines qui s’appelle Eurocentres était très organisée et décontractée. Si on n’a pas le cours intensif, on doit seulement aller à l’école le matin.
Pour cela on peut faire ce qu’on veut l’après-midi. Lausanne est une ville très belle, alors on a beaucoup de possibilités d’organiser son après-midi. Souvent nous sommes allés au lac avec des personnes de l’école qui sont tous très gentils et très cools.
A l’école on améliore son français très vite parce qu’on parle toujours français. Comme ça on peut parler plus librement à la fin de son séjour.
Je pense que le séjour linguistique est une bonne expérience captivante pour tout le monde parce qu’on doit tout faire seul. Comme ça on devient plus indépendant.

Helena Schmid (G6d) arbeitete in einem Hotel am Cape Tribulation nödlich des australischen Cairns

This year I decided to spend my FSA in the Daintree Rainforest in Australia. I found a job in a hotel in Cape Tribulation, a famous tourist destination in Queensland.
I started my journey on July 25, flying from Zurich to Hongkong, where I had a stop-over for fourteen hours . I wanted to make use of that time, so I did some sightseeing.
I really enjoyed Hongkong although the huge skyscrapers and the crowd was a bit overwhelming after a twelve hours flight.
Luckily I had to fly for another eight hours to get to Cairns, where my first adventure began. I reckon adventure is the nicest wording for almost being kicked out of Australia because of a wrong visa. But after a few calls, including one to the lawyer of the hotel I had planned to work at, I finally got through immigration. I stayed in Cairns for two nights, which were pretty boring without having anybody to talk to, but I went snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, which was amazing.
On Friday, the hotel manager picked me up. The ride to Cape Trib takes three hours and includes a crossing of the Daintree River, which represents also the line between civilization with mobile reception and remote rainforest without.
I was pretty nervous when I arrived at the hotel, I heard later from one of my co-workers that I stood at reception looking like Bambi lost in the rainforest.
I got to know the other members of staff, which were very nice and welcoming from the beginning on. Most of the workers were around my age so I got along with them quickly. We all had no Wifi, so contacting the world outside was not possible. This circumstance and the fact that we spent 24 hours a day together created a very familiar atmosphere.
My work consisted of five hours of housekeeping a day, five days a week, for food and accommodation. Usually, we started work at 8.30 in the morning and finished at two. Not only did I improve my toilet cleaning skills while working, I acquired a wide vocabulary in the range of housekeeping equipment as well.
After work, we always did different activities together, like chilling at the beach or going for a swim in various swimming holes around the area. After that, the whole staff had dinner together. There were various things we did in the evenings including lighting bonfires at the beach, going to a bar, watching movies or having chats and jam sessions on our veranda.
After these four weeks I surprisingly felt at home in Cape Tribulation and it wasn´t easy for me to leave this wonderful place and the people behind. Even though coming back only one day before the beginning of term wasn't my best idea, I thoroughly enjoyed my FSA and I´m very happy that I had the opportunity to have this experience.

Simone Hämmerli (G6d) lernte das Leben in Costa Rica bei einem Einsatz als Kindergärtnerin kennen.